“A truly successful life is not just about money and career. It involves a balance in all its areas. It is crucial to create a holistic life vision and live according to it, constantly considering the collaboration between heart and mind.”

– Irina Kuhlmann


Passionate about coaching, personal development – finding the true self – and authentic humane leadership, Irina is today’s Success Life Coach & Mentor, devoted to helping business professionals and high performance achievers from different fields of activity to create massively improved results in their personal and professional lives and live a happy and fulfilled life.

Profesional Experience

Accredited Master Coach IAPC&M. Holistic Life Coaching – Business and Authentic Leadership Coaching, tailored around skills and capabilities development to achieve optimal results both professionally and personally.

My journey into life coaching stemmed from a significant health setback that prompted a pause in my business career. Amidst medical treatments, I dedicated years to personal growth and development, delving deep into NLP, Coaching, and Leadership. This transformative journey not only aided my recovery but propelled me into a successful career as a Life Coach.

Driven by my own experiences, learning, and wisdom, I am committed to guiding individuals towards authenticity, growth, and fulfillment. I craft and deliver tailored coaching programs, specializing in assisting Middle and Senior Managers as well as Entrepreneurs. My focus is on cultivating the skills and capabilities of authentic leadership, empowering individuals to achieve optimal results in both their professional and personal lives within our ever-evolving world.

Founder and Owner – Business Consultancy Services – Sales – Management and Leadership

In 1997 I founded a company facilitating business connections between Danish and Romanian companies. A few years later, a collaboration with the owner of the Danish Company led me to join them as an employee. Specializing in tourism, Royal Classic owned castles and manor houses in Denmark, transformed into hotels and restaurants, and a wine-producing subsidiary in Romania. My role focused on managing business development in Romania and fostering collaboration between Danish and Romanian cultures. Inspired and trained in Danish management and leadership, I led the entire Romanian subsidiary, overseeing 200 employees and the senior management team.

Turning Point…

However, in the summer of 2003, I took a significant step by resigning and moving to Germany with my family, fueled by big hopes and ambitious goals. Unfortunately, a serious illness halted my professional journey, prompting a shift toward personal development. This transformative experience has shaped the path that has brought me to where I am today. For more information about my journey, you can find details on LinkedIn

I Believe My Mission Is To Help People Around the World to Regain their Authenticity and Unleash their Inner Potential.

From My Life Experience

I’ve lived a life shaped by the cultures of Romania, Denmark, and Germany. Settling in Denmark for over two decades, I immersed myself in its essence before a brief stint in Germany. Returning to Romania unexpectedly led to the establishment of my Life & Business Coaching company.

Living across three diverse countries taught me the paramount importance of attitude – toward oneself, the surroundings, and others. Integrating Danish and German values into my life, I now consider myself a global citizen.

Amidst professional and personal challenges, I discovered an extraordinary potential within each of us. This realization fuels my commitment as a life coach – helping you uncover and harness your own remarkable capabilities to navigate life’s complexities towards success and fulfillment.

A new direction …

In a pivotal moment of what felt like achieving personal and career success, a health setback stemming from an accident forced me to confront myself and reassess everything – my life, values, deepest desires, and resources.

During the prolonged recovery spanning, I embraced the essence of hope and trust. Each day held the potential for greatness or challenge, yet I discovered an unshakable truth: every life experience is a profound teacher. What might seem disastrous at first can unveil extraordinary reservoirs of strength and wisdom, shaping you for a lifetime.

Throughout this journey towards recovery and introspection, my yearning to regain health and discover lasting fulfillment grew stronger. It led me on a path to uncovering neurolinguistic programming, neuroscience, and coaching – areas that ignited my passion. Investing in various schools and trainings within these domains became a personal mission, illuminating a newfound direction and purpose.

I’ve made the decision to steer my career toward offering support to individuals striving for elevated results, seeking not just success but genuine fulfillment. My aim is to assist those yearning for a life rich in purpose and meaning, guiding them toward a path of remarkable transformation and achievement.

Giving back

The kid of today is the leader of tomorrow.

Irina Kuhlmann is deeply passionate about helping the public education in Romania to the next level.

She is a member of AVE (Association for Values in Education), a community of business people and entrepreneurs who share the belief that the responsibility for modernizing the public education in Romania lies equally with the public administration, the civil society and the business sector. We leverage expertise and resources from the private sector in order to make a contribution to the changes we want to see around us.

Forty school headmasters in Romania will take part in a pilot leadership program meant to increase the quality of local education.

They are the first trainees in the program of the Leadership and School Management Academy. Education Changemakers and Edwards Educational Services are partners of the program.

Irina is very active in the coaching element of the program.


Besides the ample life and business experience in an international environment – LinkedIn – and her personal and professional development, Irina has completed many programs, courses and accreditations that help her to be a successful International Master Coach and Mentor.

She likes to learn from the best in the world, therefore among Irinas’ mentors we find Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma, Joe Dispenza, Jim Kwik and not least John Maxwell.

 Some of Irinas’ Achievements:

Accredited Master Coach with IAPC&M (International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring)

Executive& Corporate Coach Diploma  – Noble Manhatan UK.  – Accredited & Endorsed by IIC&M ILM (Institute of    Leadership & Management)

Certified John C Maxwell Speaker, Teacher and Coach – West Palm Beach, Florida

Certified Master practitioner NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming) sub egida ITANLP

Certified NLP Mastering Business – Business NLP Academy UK, with Michael Caroll

Breakthrough University: Transform your life now, with Tony Robbins

Success System Supercharged, program with Robin Sharma.

Extreme Achievement Formula, program with Robin Sharma.

Your Productivity Unleashed, program with Robin Sharma

Your Absolute Best Year Yet, program with Robin Sharma

Uncompromised Life – Master Your Mind, program with Marisa Peer

The Art of Manifesting, program with Regan Hillyer

The Silva Ultramind System, program with Vishen Lakhiani – Mindvalley Academy

Certified Eriksonian Hypnosis, Metropolis UK, with John Thomson