My Coaching Model

As a coach, I work with you in order to specifically define the results you want and are committing to achieve. For this to happen, I help you discover who you really are – your true self. You become aware of your authenticity, your core values and determine your deepest wishes. Then you develop a vision for the life you want and act in order to fulfil it.

Working together, you will discover where you stand at this point in your life and towards which goals, objectives and results you are aspiring. You will look closely, both to your success and failures, evaluate your no longer useful habits and act in consequence.

The next step is to create an action plan with SMART objectives: Specific, Achievable/Approachable, Relevant, Timely, and then, you prioritise these objectives and determine the potential obstacles; you set the date of completion for each of them, determine the necessary resources and support systems and set the first step of action.

As a Coach, I help you achieve a “laser type” focus. I challenge you, I hold you accountable, I confront you whenever you fail to keep the commitments you made to yourself, as soon as your Action Plan is in motion.


Improve My Career and Grow My Business

Increased Energy and Vitality

Influence Others & Make a Difference

Great Relationships and Collaboration

Improve all Areas of My Life. Feeling Fulfilled

No matter where your main focus is, during the Coaching Process we approach 4 levels:

1.    Emotional Level

Considering that we all have emotions, we focus first on this level. Sometimes we tend to go straight to behavioural level to change actions, which can lead to repression of emotions which will appear in another context.

Therefore, I make everything possible to create that space where a person can connect to his/her emotional side or recognise it. This stage is very important to prepare that optimal fund of resources on which the person can build his/her present and desired future. Emotions are generated by another level, which is:

2.    Mental Level

Here we are speaking of our system of beliefs and the stories we create. Only about 5% of our behaviour is led by the conscious. The remaining 95% is led by the unconscious. Therefore, in this context I help a person to light up his/her system of unconscious beliefs – those beliefs and thoughts which make a person feel in a certain way and do things automatically. They have become patterns/automation/habits, which if they are destructive, must be replaced with other beneficial patterns.

The mental and emotional sides determine our behaviours, so we will also work on:

 3.    Behavioural Level

In this level we explore the way in which we act. Many of our behaviours happen automatically depending on old beliefs, ”wounds” and fears which remained from different past experiences. A person often does not act as it would be most suitable because of anxieties, fears and lack of self-confidence.

Therefore, I help the customer understand how he/she can act differently, directed at what he/she wants, not running from what creates him inconveniences. Usually people act when they want to get rid of something they do not like. By coaching I help them go for their vision, their objectives, the motivation is intrinsic.

 4.    Spiritual level

It has nothing to do with religion, but with the fact that – I believe – we are more than our bodies. There is a higher force – some call it God, others the source, others call it potential …something full of love, support we can synchronise with when we are in balance with ourselves. That is why it is crucial that we are in harmony with ourselves.

Benefits of Individual Coaching 

  • The coaching interaction is strictly personalised and aimed towards your needs and aspirations.
  • You have the freedom to establish your own agenda; it can even be flexible.
  • You discover new ways to manifest your undiscovered potential and your creativity; you improve your abilities and competencies.
  • You develop a winer mindset
  • You achieve clarity, new perspective and support
  • You improve FOCUS and concentration
  • Your self-esteem and faith in own decisions are increasing.
  • You learn to relax, manage stress and gain a much better work life balance.
  • You eliminate performance related fears and anxieties.

“If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it.  If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.”

  • You have a space in which you can freely express your thoughts, ideas, strategies and plans.
  • Your productivity is increasing
  • You develop advanced communication abilities – efficient verbal and non-verbal interactions, as well as better relationships
  • You develop new leadership and entrepreneurial skills
  • And much more… depending on your agenda

In conclusion, I help you to lead A LIFE OF MEANING and SIGNIFICANCE, JOY and SATISFACTION.