Regardless of your professional position, there are some general challenges which signal that it is time to make a change.

As executive coach I will help you not only professionally, but also to obtain the balance you desire with your own self and in all life aspects. Therefore, I will be life coach for you. This will help you perform in your position, because the excellence begins from within!

Choosing to work with a coach is a major decision. How will you know that you will truly benefit from a coaching process? Here are a few ways in which you will find the answer.

You feel stuck in front of major decisions you have to make

You have already obtained many things, but you need help to get to the next level. When you are in front of major decisions related to life changes, from changing your job to getting married or getting divorced, a coach can offer you the true, impartial guidance. While your family and friends can listen to you and/or give advice, a life coach helps you determine what truly matters to you in the honest/sincere way and demount the ”what if” and other voices inside you which appear when you think of your options.

You need to be more determined, to get to action, or you need help to create a vision and follow it

If you do not have confidence in what you do/intend to do because you focus too much on the problems which may appear, to take the next steps, a coach helps you clarify things and guides you on a productive path which leads you to what you desire. The multitude of “should” which appears every day can cast a shadow upon your judgment. A life coach can help you better understand what you truly want and how you can obtain that. He/she can help you evaluate risks and position yourself in a wise manner, which increases your self-confidence at the same time.

Do your limitative beliefs keep you stuck?

We have all been faced with unpleasant experiences which left us wounds, but some of us find it hard to eliminate the old limitative beliefs which get oneself stuck. Keeping terrible memories and feelings is exhausting and reduces our productivity in anything we do. A coach can help you process beliefs and old ideas in ways which help you eliminate old patterns of thinking which sabotage you, can help you do what is necessary and move forward.

Are you focused on results or not?

You may have an objective, such as start a business, but you are missing a clear vision which helps you accomplish it. A coach is expert in helping you clarify your vision and objectives.

You have vision, but you do not have a plan of action

If the formulation of a clear vision is not a problem for you, but to create an action plan is difficult, the coach is the one who helps you evaluate your resources and draw up a plan. A coach is trained to know success strategies that have proven their effectiveness through the results. Do not let your brilliant idea remain just an idea because of the lack of organization!

Did you lose the moment?

Are you still looking for the “path” even if you have been out of school for many years now? Do you feel unfulfilled in your work and / or relationship? You do not really know what you would really like to do?

You’re not alone. A coach can help you clarify your true values ​​on which to set your meaningful goals for yourself and create a plan.

You need to be efficient to get what you want

If you do not have time and/or resources to fulfil your objective, a coach can help you get more with less, by finding solutions for your blockage and help you maintain your motivation to get what you want.

Your actions do not support your ideas

If you know what you want but you have trouble doing the right thing to get there, a coach helps you make better decisions and change your self-destructive wishes. If you’re ready to remove / break your old patterns, an excellent coach can help you get over your blockage and gain new successes.

You do not manage to do all you need to do in the time you have available

You already know that leaving what you can do today for tomorrow does not help you and sometimes you have to focus on the task you have to do and overcome all sorts of patterns that cut out of your productivity. A coach is the perfect person to help you with that.

You want to get beyond your limits and rise to the next level

If you are ready to go to the next job or profession, a coach can give you the confidence to do this. If money is the one that worries you and you do not know how to get it, a coach can help you find ways to make more money using your strengths and remaining fulfilled.

You have a major transition in front of you

If you are in an exceptional situation, like: you have passed/are going through a divorce, you want to rebuild life in your own terms, you want to change your job, you want to move to another city/town or to get out of a relationship that is uncomfortable, it’s time to work with a coach. You do not want to lose the good relationship you have with your family or lose your friends and want to make the transition as easy as possible. You also want to start new chapters in your life in your own terms, but you do not know what they are and you need help to clarify them for yourself.

You are ready to get out of your comfort zone

If you’re an indolent person and you hang to your routine, it’s time to get out of the comfort zone. A coach can help you learn, grow, have more fun and go into action in new and exciting ways.

You are ready to face challenges which intimidate you

Everyone is intimidated from time to time by major challenges. If fear keeps you from doing certain things, go to action and learn how to use your beliefs as a force for success. A coach can help you identify your fears and do – despite them – everything you want and need. A coach also helps you turn the way you think about them today and change your perspective so that your focus is on the attributes that give you strength and not on the beliefs that limit you.

If the facts described are still familiar to you then you need a coach to get the results you want. If you decide to work with a coach you will align with the most successful people in the world, so you will be in an excellent company.

Every successful player – as in the world of sports or in business or even politics – knows that the support of top-class advisers is necessary for success.

By using the services of a coach you have so much to gain. Pay attention when you need the guidance of an expert.