THE QUANTUM LEADER – Leadership Coaching Program 

Learn to lead by influence

Since 1998, the “Fortune” magazine has investigated what is the “common denominator” of the most admired companies in America and came to the following conclusion:

“The truth is that there is no specific factor to make a company worthy of admiring, but if we were forced to choose one that would make the biggest difference, that would be leadership.”

For an organisation to truly excel in these times of vulnerability and profound changes, each must – on every level – show leadership and lead the tasks to the end in an optimal way.

Leadership coaching is uniquely placed to draw out the individual qualities of managers, and to help them to connect their talents productively to the achievement of organisational goals.

Whether the goal is to strengthen interpersonal skills, to build team effectiveness, to enhance influence and impact, or to help managers to adapt quickly to a new role, it is through the reflective environment of leadership coaching that individual qualities can be most effectively nurtured.

The most effective leadership is the result of managers’ being able to sustain the tension between personal goals and those of the organisation.

If leadership is to be truly effective, managers must be authentic.

Authenticity implies someone whose whole way of being, doing and relating is concordant with his or her beliefs and values. It implies a real depth of awareness about himself or herself, and a willingness and capacity to say things openly and boldly.

If you aspire to be a true leader – the authentic leader, let me share this thought with you: your strength, your importance, your well-being must not depend on the people around you. You are the one who inspires them to become powerful and important, to achieve fantastic results.

The key to becoming an excellent leader is that you first become an excellent person. Because you cannot lead others if you cannot lead yourself.


How can you lead in an authentic way? What does that mean?

There is no easy answer to these questions, because it means a lot of different things and involves different skills, abilities, actions and behaviours. Such things cannot be learned from books and seminars.

To be able to lead by influence, you need to know your own abilities, to trust yourself and your creativity, and the way you relate to others to stimulate them, to motivate them to INSPIRE them.

Authentic leadership is a philosophy, an attitude, a state of mind. Keep your way of being, of the person you are. True leaders work continually with themselves.

To help you, we’ve created the Leadership Coaching Program:

THE QUANTUM LEADER – Lead By Influence


The coaching program is individual and personalised and has a duration of 12 weeks. It addresses people who have executive positions in companies as well as entrepreneurs.

The program will help you to:

  • Take a firm attitude, become a model of efficiency and productivity so that you no longer experience the chaos and crises that dominate your day.
  • Develop your courage and confidence to do what your inner fire tells you and your intuition to make the right decisions.
  • Discover the path of inner harmony and authentic leadership that inspires, influences and motivates those around you.
  • Be aware first of all what you really want in your life, what brings you the desired fulfillment, so you can live the life you want and not the life you need.
  • Take action to achieve what you want in life
  • Have profound changes both personally and professionally

For more information please contact me or apply for a coaching consultation.