When we view the present moment through the filter of the past we are closed off to the magic that lies in front of us.  – Irina Kuhlmann


A message from Irina…

“If you are like most people, you want to lead a life of meaning and significance, success and fulfillment.
Inspired by the unexpected challenges and experiences of my life, I am committed to support you in understanding and removing what is in the way of your desires, starting by answering questions like: Who am I? What do I really want in my life? How do I get that?
I am an international Master Coach & Life Strategist with expertise and experience from various coaching and NLP training courses, more than 2,500 hours of coaching 1: 1 during almost 10 years of practice, as well as life and business experiences in an international environment.
For many years in my life, I doubted that I could ever be truly happy and fulfilled. Thanks to my commitment to my own personal development and many extraordinary teachers and mentors, I’ve come to live a meaningful life that I enjoy every day.
I really believe that you can literally bend your reality with your mind as I have succeeded to do so every day by doing intensely inner work. For me this is one of the top achievements in my life, regaining my authenticity and feeling free…
I’ve helped many people to create that life enjoying version of theirs, that will advance in an extraordinary way in all areas. And you deserve the same thing! I’d be honoured to guide you on your journey.”

Individual coaching is a tremendous investment in yourself.

The usual question about coaching is:

“Is coaching for those who have problems, who do not get the desired results, or for successful people?”

The answer for all those familiar with coaching is that it can fit in all these situations.

Life coaching with Irina Kuhlmann is far different from what is generally practiced. Her approach is holistic and systemic at the same time, starting from the inner / self-change of the participant with maximum impact on their life in all aspects: personal and professional.

Irina has a vast experience of life and business in the international environment, gained more than 2,500 hours of coaching both in Romania and in other countries, such as: Denmark, Germany, England, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Italy, Hungary.

From the very beginning of the coaching process, Irina helps you to discover who you truly are and what you really want with your live, to create your holistic, very clear and detailed life vision. Then she is guiding you to identify and eliminate blockages, that prevent you from using your true potential – they can be limiting believes and self sabotage. And not least, she helps you to regain your self confidence and inner strength, discover and optimise your resources and maintain a balance in everything. In conclusion, to live a successful and fulfilled life.

During the coaching sessions she guides you toward the completion of your life vision through a process of deep awareness, self-discovery, setting and achieving goals.

Having a coach is probably the most direct and effective way to improve your personal and professional results. Major athletes and performers from all areas of the world, all have a coach that helps them connect to their true potential.

As a coach, Irina will become a trusted friend who wants and expects from you the best, which will cause you to perform to the fullest in all areas of life. With Irina Kuhlmann, you just have the advantage of using the best resources you can get to create an extraordinary life.

Start Successful Coaching today and be Guided to make the most of it!

What is coaching and when do I need it?

Imagine a relationship entirely focused on you and what you want with your life. It’s a relationship meant to help you accomplish this.

Coaching is the strongest relationship a person can experience when making important changes in his life. It is unique because no other relationship in our lives offers such a level of support and encouragement.

Choosing to work with a coach is a major decision. How do you know you will really benefit from a coaching process? There are many ways you can find the answer.

What is a coach?

An excellent coach in your life is like having a GPS system on the way to whatever means success for you.

Imagine someone who listens to you instead of just hearing you. Imagine someone who helps you to realize what your dreams and aspirations are and goes beyond those limitations that you think are linked to the conditions and benefits of your life that you want to change.

Imagine a relationship with someone who helps you discover who you really are and who you want to be. What makes you work? What do you hate? What are your values? What is the DNA of the character you are?

The Coach is a person dedicated to helping you clarify your goals by providing you with the tools to act and to accomplish. It helps you learn from those actions without being judged.

Imagine someone who has nothing else on the agenda than development and success, increasing your potential both professionally and personally. There is someone who will tell you the truth and will keep your mirror in a safe, grungy and unprejudiced environment, where, by becoming aware of your truth, hastens your own development.

Imagine someone in your life who sees the greatness of your true essence and who knows how great you can get and constantly show that image in a space where you are listening without judgment, is allowed to express your feelings without fear, ridicule or suppression. Is there anyone who can accept you as you without having to analyse you?

Imagine a relationship in which you release yourself from the dangers of self-limiting personal development that has sabotaged your success in the past where the voices of self-limitation are recognized for what they are and ultimately are disarmed, allowing your own unchained potential to be released and used.

So is having an excellent coach in your life!