From personal insight to organisational performance


Why use coaching?

Because even if you are close to the top in your industry there are still opportunities to increase your success considerably.

Coaching focuses on the most important resources in an organization, its people – both as individuals and as part of the team – and brings profound changes to behaviours at any level, which generates the success of your business.

Why authentic leadership development?

For an organisation to truly excel in these times of vulnerability and profound changes, each must – on every level – show leadership and lead the tasks to the end in an optimal way. If leadership is to be truly effective, managers must be authentic and humane. Authenticity implies someone whose whole way of being, doing and relating is concordant with his or her beliefs and values. It implies a real depth of awareness about himself or herself, and a willingness and capacity to say things openly and boldly.

We do not receive wisdom, we must discover it for ourselves…

THE QUANTUM LEADER –  Individual Leadership Coaching Program

Leadership coaching is uniquely placed to draw out the individual qualities of managers, and to help them to connect their talents productively to the achievement of organisational goals. Whether the goal is to strengthen interpersonal skills, to build team effectiveness, to enhance influence and impact, or to help managers to adapt quickly to a new role, it is through the reflective environment of leadership coaching that individual qualities can be most effectively nurtured.

The most effective leadership is the result of managers’ being able to sustain the tension between personal goals and those of the organisation.

EXECUTIVE COACHING – Individual personalised programs 

Most managers rarely receive honest and direct feedback, or even hear negative things but of major importance. There are few – or not even one – people with whom to discuss “special / sensitive” situations, although they sometimes need it. So it’s no surprise that more and more managers and executives appreciate the confidentiality and attention of an executive coach.

Executive coaching is based on helping you to get aware of, understand and solve the situations you have to solve every day within the business you are in. You will improve your performance in all professional and personal areas

TEAM COACHING –  Achieve Performance and Shared Leadership with your Team

The team plays a crucial role in the success of any organisation. Team Coaching brings employees together to develop their skills, awareness and learning, to better understand the purpose of the team and how it can best work as a body.

  • Aligning constantly with the objectives of the organisation.
  • Developing trust among members
  • Members understand, encourage and support one anotherFlexibility: division / transmission of leadership attributions

Some benefits

  • Creating a common goal – an “ego” of the team instead of the individual ego
  • Empowering leadership skills that fuel the collaboration and clarity of the direction to be followed
  • Setting clear and specific objectives
  • Each member understands his role and responsibility and has the necessary skills to act
  • Clear communication and consistent focus on achieving business goals / organization

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT – MasterMind programs for your Team

Latest studies show that you can increase your business’s profit by 144% just by working with organisational culture.

Inspired by the idea that excellence begins with personal leadership, we have developed a Leadership Development program for companies – a combination of group coaching, training and teaching. It is based on the development of the authentic leadership skills of the most important resource – the employees – as well as the latest successful strategies that will optimise the business and the good work in the organisation.

A co-designed Program

In order to achieve the best possible results, this Program is created in collaboration (a co-design) with the organisation, taking into account the results they want to achieve.

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A few benefits for participants and organization:

  • Developing authentic leadership skills
  • Awareness and clarification at a personal and professional level
  • Increasing – to doubling – productivity and efficiency
  • Learning techniques to help them optimally manage time, stress and emotions, balance personal and professional life. Focus on solutions.
  • Relational and optimal communication

  • Increasing responsibility and decision making
  • Optimal teamwork and team development


Performance. Authentic Leadership. Excellence. Success.

Based on Coaching Technics &Teaching, the Master Classes are created in order to help the participants deepen and assimilate themes such as:

  • Increasing productivity, up to doubling it
  • New Leadership with maximum efficiency
  • Management of time/priorities
  • Optimal relation and optimal communication
  • Responsibility and decisions
  • Optimal work in team and with the team
  • Mindset, positive intelligence, emotional intelligence

Master Classes can be part of a Team Building, which is created in collaboration (a co-design) with the organisation involved.

Some benefits for the participants and the organisation:

  • Development, loyalty and preservation of talents – in the long run – in your organisation
  • Development of leadership skills
  • Awareness and clarification at personal and professional level
  • Increase – considerably – productivity and efficiency
  • Learning techniques which help you optimally manage time, stress and emotions, balance between personal and professional life
  • Optimal relation and optimal communication
  • Increasing responsibility and decision-making
  • Optimal work in team and with the team

  • A co-designed Program

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